Connect and create alliances
within your entire supply chain

Getting the right products to the right place at the right time – is at the heart of business operations. But supply chains now stretch across multiple regions and international frontiers. As customers demand faster and error-free fulfilment, how do you keep everyone happy?

Connect5 will create a custom-built supply chain solution, with visibility of every order at every stage. All stakeholders can instantly see what’s happening with our web-based platform, so they’re equipped with the information they need to take the appropriate actions. What’s more, Connect5 is easily integrated with your current technology, so you get all the benefits of a smooth interface with your ERP system.

We’ll work with you to design a unique system that meshes with your supply chain processes. Your business rules will be built into the Connect5 software, reflecting the specific commitments your stakeholders make. Whatever you’re selling, Connect5 will help you shift more of it.

The benefits

  • Cut out confusion and simplify the process of managing multiple orders and processes.
  • Trim excess inventory and reduce deadweight overheads such as warehouse space.
  • For a truly lean system, distribute directly from factory to store.
  • Knit together disparate business units, suppliers and consortium partners into one seamless team.
  • Slim the admin overhead devoted to simply fulfilling orders.
  • Integrate the Connect5 supply chain system with your existing ERP platform at minimal cost.

What type of businesses can benefit from a Connect5 supply chain system?

  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Import/export
  • Joint ventures
  • Consortiums

Connect5 is ideal for any company or partnership that needs to bring together disparate components into a seamless process, or supply customers with products from a diverse range.