Connecting and simplifying
your business processes

Get products or components to where they’re needed, as promised.
Run more leanly, boost collaboration, and strip out errors and inefficiency.

It’s simple with Connect5.

Proactive Supply Management

The future belongs to companies that get their products to market without delay, and without being weighed down by excess stock and warehouse capacity. Connect5 keeps everyone informed, accountable and on-task.

Project Management

If your enterprise depends on completing projects on time and within budget, there’s a straightforward way to co-ordinate every stage and every aspect. Then your customers will be happy and your business will make more money.

App Builder

90% of all business processes start with a paper form. Unfortunately, that’s where errors creep in and bottlenecks start. Imagine if you could create custom apps for key processes, and easily integrate them with your current IT systems.


1. Quick to deploy

Connect5 is modular and designed for easy configuration. There’s no need to write code from scratch, so you avoid the costs and uncertainties of re-inventing the wheel.

2. Incredibly cost-effective

Replace capex with opex. We’ll tailor your Connect5 solution to your business processes and run it as a service. Strip cost from your operations and get on with serving your customers.

3. Easy to access and support

Because it runs in the cloud, Connect5 liberates you from the need to buy and support a complex IT solution. You get the performance without the hassle of managing the network.

4. Proven in the field

Connect5 is built on the proven Agiloft platform, so you can be sure it’s up to the task. Companies and industries around the world can vouch for its capability.

5. Tailored to your operations

We’ll work with you to understand your business requirements and the processes that support them. Your Connect5 system will have your business rules built-in, so it’s simple to work with and requires minimal training.

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